Kim + Co. Photography

Welcome to Kim + Co. Photography (formerly known as Ikon Photos). We believe in capturing those magical moments of newborns, babies and children in photographic memories that you can cherish and look back on fondly when your little ones are all grown up.

Kim + Co. Photography will encapsulate your family essence in a beach or park setting. Whether your children are still little or are all grown up, family photography sessions are always a great idea to capture wonderful memories.

Studio sessions for newborns and babies are set in our Cronulla Studio and Wanda Beach makes the perfect backdrop for outdoor sessions.

Newborn Photography
Family + Kids Photography
Baby Photography
Athletic Photography


Newborn Session Fee
$ 200
  • Image Packages start at $400
Baby Session Fee
$ 150
  • Image Packages start at $400
Outdoor Session Fee
$ 100
  • Image Packages start at $400

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